About Us

Chile stands at the frontier of broad scale deployment of solar energy.

With world-class energy potential, growing demand, forward-thinking governance, and a stable, business-friendly investment environment, Chile has nearly ideal conditions for a surge in solar energy growth.   In the coming years, solar energy development will create a host of opportunities for investors, businesses, government, and the Chilean people.

Pleiades New Energy Ventures is a Chilean firm that integrates expertise in engineering, law, government relations, and finance to help facilitate this transition.

While there is great potential for growth, investments in solar energy are in their early stages in Chile.   There are still several barriers that stand in the way of solar energy development:   high capital costs; limited domestic financing options; and limited experience with solar technologies.

Pleiades helps overcome those barriers.  Solar power development is a sophisticated and complex process, involving multiple layers of government, a variety of contractual relationships, cutting edge technology, financing, corporate governance, insurance, and a host of practical engineering and logistical challenges.  With leading experts, extensive on-the-ground local knowledge in Chile, and connections to the global marketplace, Pleiades is ideally suited to identify the challenges and develop solutions for solar development in the region.